Rules of participation

in the 1st Interactive Masterclasses „Musical Inspirations” Warsaw/Poland

1. As part of the 1st Interactive Masterclasses"Musical Inspirations", masterclasses in musical interpretation and creation are organized for students of Music Schools (Conservatories) and students of Music Academies (Universities) and other musicians. Masterclasses will be held on:

1 - 7 of August of 2022

Classes will took place in two places:

Music School: Music & You in Marki Wołodyjowskiego street 33


Building of the Church: RCCG Warsaw in Warsaw Kopijników street 45

2. There will be held classes on:

a. Piano

b. Violin

c. Flute

d. Composition

e. Chamber Music

3. All instrument configurations for chamber music classes are accepted, as well as instruments not included in point 2.

Chamber music lessons will be held with two professors.

4. There are four types of course participation:

a. Soloist course

b. Chamber music course

c. Solo + chamber music course

d. Composition course

5. Fees (in Euro):

Additionally, the organizers provide for the price of the course:

a. Participation in the lecture "Professional Musicianship", conducted by a renowned artist. The seminar will include a discussion with the Artist on topics related to being a musician in the 21st century, participation in international competitions, working as a concert musician, creating a repertoire, cooperation with artistic agencies etc.

The name and surname of the guest will be announced by 15/07/2022.

b. Participation in a lecture conducted by a psychologist on coping with stress, overcoming problems, mental approach to the profession, etc.

The name and surname of the guest will be announced by 15/07/2022.

c. Each active participant automatically takes part in the scholarship competition in which the 3 best participants will be awarded. Scholarship prizes will be awarded at the closing concert of masterclasses.

The scholarship competition prizes will be announced latest by 01/07/2022.

d. Possibility of active participation in the concert of participants and / or the final concert.

The concert of the participants will take place in the second half of the week. Each of participants has the opportunity to present themselves.

The final concert will take place on the last day of the masterclasses, it is on Sunday, August 7, 2022. The winners of the scholarship competition are guaranteed to participate in the final concert. There is also possibility of active participation in the concert for other participants. The decision about who will appear is made by the professor staff.

e. Possibility of passive participation in all activities taking place during the masterclasses.

f. Diploma of participation.

6. Composition Course:

a. Participants are entitled to two individual lessons and three group lessons.

Group lessons will be held in small groups.

b. Participants will have the opportunity to compose a piece that will be presented during the final concert.

c. Composition courses fall into two categories:

- basic level, for participants who are just starting or would like to start education in the field of composition,

-intermediate and advanced level, for pupils and students who have experience in the field of composition.

7. There is a possibility of passive participation in the courses.

A passive participant bears the costs of EURO 200,00. This fee includes admission to all lessons, as well as seminars and concerts.

8. The condition of accepting the application for participation in the masterclasses is the payment of registration fee in amount of EURO 75,00 by: 8.07. 2022 .The entry fee is not refundable. The remaining part of the fee must be paid by: 15.07.2022.

Arriving late or leaving the courses prematurely will not result in a partial refund of unused fees.

9. The fees should be paid by bank transfer to the following bank account number:

Fundacja Artists for Music


IBAN: PL 96 1020 5138 0000 9502 0502 1938


10. The Artists for Music Foundation reserves the right to change the teaching staff up to 1 month before the start of the courses.

11. Participants who are under 16 years of age are required to come with a legal guardian. If the participant comes with his teacher, a consent document signed by the legal guardian of the participant should be presented, stating that the care of the minor participant is entrusted to the teacher. This document is available electronically after contacting the Artists for Music Foundation.

12. Participants and their guardians / accompanying persons should be insured on their own against the costs of treatment and the consequences of accidents.

13. The Artists for Music Foundation, as the organizer of the Masterclasses is not responsible for organizing the accommodation and meals for the participant and his guardian / accompanying person. The organizers, however, are happy to advise or help on this matter.

It is possible to book accommodation in the Dormitory "Dziekanka":

Telephone number: +48 22 826 51 94

Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 56/58, Warsaw

E-mail address:


- course student PLN 64 / night (around 16,00 Euro per night);

- guardian / accompanying person PLN 86 / night (around 22,00 Euro per night)

14. The date may change for reasons beyond the control of the organizer.

15. Please send your applications by e-mail to the following address:

Any questions can also be sent via the contact form

on the Courses page:

or direct them by phone to one of the organizers: