Artists for Music Foundation

Work with us

As a foundation dedicated to promoting young, outstanding artists as well as music and culture at the highest level,
we want to create an offer that shows diversity of the repertoire and cast.

Artists for Music Foundation is a non-profit organization.
All income from the Foundation's business activities will be allocated to its goals.

As a Foundation, we are willing to cooperate with other institutions in the following areas:

- organization and assistance in the organization of cultural events, concerts, festivals and others;

- organization of artistic facilities during events and corporate events;

- acquiring artists.

The Artists for Music Foundation offers solo artists, small chamber ensembles as well as larger instrumental groups,
depending on the needs. Through close cooperation with composers, it is also possible to create a work on a special request.

We provide the highest level of culture, individual approach to the client, and a pleasant working atmosphere.

In order to obtain information, advice on the organization of the cultural part and a personalized offer,
please contact us at the following e-mail address: